FSI Pages Mobile is now available!

The latest “Master Coup” of NeptuneLabs is FSI Pages mobile!

FSI Pages mobile web-app brings the core functionality of FSI Pages to Apple iOS and Google Android based mobile devices. The mobile and desktop versions of FSI Pages both share the same source- and configuration files to minimize the effort when publishing to mobile devices.
The lightweight web-app design of FSI Pages mobile provides users with instant access to publications, using their web browser. There is no need to download any files or setup software in advance. This also leaves you in full control over your publications, allowing you to remove, add or replace content any time – without delay. The user will see updated publications as soon as the publication content on FSI Server has been modified.


How much does FSI Pages mobile cost?
Prices depend on which FSI Server license you have and start from only 429,00 Euro – which is a one-time fee!

Which Software requirements are there?

The minimum requirements to acquire possession of FSI Pages mobile are only to have a valid FSI Server license! Just to roundup this issue, FSI Server licenses start from 2.188,00 Euro which is also a one-time fee!

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