FSI Pages JS

  • RELEASE: FSI Pages Build 18.01.24

    added: it is now possible to map the available language files for the tooltips of the viewer to the language of the browser (the file mapping.json in the \languages folder of your FSI Viewer installation can be adapted to your liking for that). In order to use the mapping defined in the JSON file, the […]

  • RELEASE: FSI Pages Build 17.12.18

    added: Conditional Configuration Options, parameter blocks being evaluated if one or more conditions are met. Read more about it here: https://docs.neptunelabs.com/fsi-viewer/latest/fsi-viewer/configuration/conditional-configuration-options

  • RELEASE: FSI Pages Build 17.11.09

    added: specific viewer nodes, e.g. , , ,.. can now be added to the XML configuration. This enables you for example to implement globally used FSI Viewer, FSI TouchZoom, FSI Pages, FSI ThumbBar or FSI QuickZoom parameters in the _default.xml or for certain viewers with an individual configuration .xml file.

  • RELEASE: FSI Pages JS Build 17.06.14

    changed: Listeners which are added via addListener(), remain valid when changeConfig() is called (Beforehand they were deleted when changeConfig() was called, just like the listeners which are defined via config files) changed: the onInitFailed listener now returns a string with a reason why the object could not be initialized, and is now defined in a […]

  • FSI Pages JS will soon be available!

    We are proud to announce that a JavaScript-based viewer for interactive catalogs on any device will be available soon! The viewer will replace the known FSI Pages Flash and FSI Pages mobile and comes with even more functionality, especially on mobile devices. Try it here!   The viewer will be availabe within the next weeks. […]

  • RELEASE: FSI Pages JS Build 17.03.28

      Search function added Parameters: added: SearchThumbSize (int, default: 320), sets the thumbnail size of the search results added: SearchInput (boolean, default:true), defines if the search input dialog is shown   Methods: added: showSearchDialog( bShow ) // RETURNS: bSuccess added: searchForString( strKeyWords ) // RETURNS: bSuccess added: gotoPageAndZoom:(strPage, strViewstring)   Listeners: added: onSearchInit:(elInput) added: onSearchResults( […]

  • RELEASE: FSI Pages JS Build 17.03.16

    added: debugEnabled(); returns: bEnabled; returns if the debug mode is enabled added: debugError(); returns the corresponding viewer error messages in the console added: debugLog(); returns the corresponding viewer log messages in the console added: debugWarn(); returns the corresponding viewer warning messages in the console added: debugWarn(); returns the corresponding viewer warning messages in the console […]

  • Creating a custom skin for FSI JS viewers using Javascript

    If changing the default skins by means of CSS does not end up with the desired results, you can also create your own HTML elements and assign button functions to these elements. This way the different buttons can be aligned freely around the FSI Viewer JS or FSI Pages JS instance, e.g. have the page […]