FSI Server

  • New, convenient Online Licensing System

    We have now implemented a new online licencing system into FSI Server 2016 which makes getting trial licences as well as regular licences incredibly easy. Get your FSI Server ready in no time. The connection with our User Account Management System (UAM) makes the licencing of the new server extremly easy and convenient.   In […]

  • NeptuneLabs products End Of Update/ End Of Life

    The FSI Server version lifecycles are always connected with the lifecycle of last compatible major version of Oracle Java SE. If a product reaches its EOU, that means that: we will not publish new minor updates for the particular version anymore it will not be possible to generate additional FSI Server 2 or additional corresponding […]

  • Moving existing FSI Server installation to new hardware (v2)

    In some environments it is required to move FSI Server to a new hardware platform for different reasons. To prevent the entire source images being re-imported, which can take quite some time when large image pools are used, you can follow these steps to quickly switch up an existing FSI Server installation to a new […]

  • Updating from FSI Server 2 to 2016

    FSI Server 2016 not only introduces a whole set of new features, we also changed some of the implementation details underneath to be able to offer a state of the art imaging solution. New storage format The probably largest change is the format of the internal storage. The new storage format offers nearly a 1:1 […]

  • Retrieving image information from FSI Server

    To obtain the image width and height from FSI Server you need to request the “fsi/info.xml” template. The request has the following scheme: http://fsi.domain.com/fsi/server?src=[IMAGE]&type=info&tpl=info If you replace the [IMAGE] with an existing imagepath on FSI Server, e.g. “samples/Watch.jpg” you will receive the XML file with the image properties as follows:

    Depending on the image source, additional […]