FSI Viewer JS

  • RELEASE: FSI Viewer Build 18.01.24

    added: it is now possible to map the available language files for the tooltips of the viewer to the language of the browser (the file mapping.json in the \languages folder of your FSI Viewer installation can be adapted to your liking for that). In order to use the mapping defined in the JSON file, the […]

  • RELEASE: FSI Viewer Build 17.11.09

    added: specific viewer nodes, e.g. , , ,.. can now be added to the XML configuration. This enables you for example to implement globally used FSI Viewer, FSI TouchZoom, FSI Pages, FSI ThumbBar or FSI QuickZoom parameters in the _default.xml or for certain viewers with an individual configuration .xml file.

  • RELEASE: FSI Viewer JS Build 17.10.13

      fixed display bugs (white lines) in FullScreen mode RELEASE: FSI ThumbBar Build 17.11.08 Introducing FSI ThumbBar, the new and more flexible slideshow which replaces FSI ImageFlow. It can also be combined with FSI Viewer for FSI Showcase (Slideshow & Zoom)

  • RELEASE: FSI Viewer JS Build 17.09.20

    added: Parameter for AutoSpin: autoSpinInterval – can be used instead of autoSpinSpeed to define the duration of the AutoSpin. autoSpinInterval defines the pause between every step of the rotation in ms. Negative values reverse spin direction. The hierarchy of the parameters is as follows: autoSpin_interval (Plugin Parameter) autoSpinInterval (Config Parameter) autoSpin_speed (Plugin Parameter) autoSpinSpeed (Config […]

  • RELEASE: FSI Viewer JS Build 17.06.22

    added: Parameter for VirtualSpace: rotationXSets (default: number of scene sets), defines the inital amount of scene sets in order to ensure the correct posture of hot spot in case your presentation requires the value in the parameter SceneSets to differ from the initial amount. added: Parameter for VirtualSpace: rotationYScenes (default: number of scenes), defines the […]

  • RELEASE: FSI Viewer JS Build 17.06.14

    changed: Listeners which are added via addListener(), remain valid when changeConfig() is called (Beforehand they were deleted when changeConfig() was called, just like the listeners which are defined via config files) changed: the onInitFailed listener now returns a string with a reason why the object could not be initialized, and is now defined in this […]

  • RELEASE: FSI Viewer JS Build 17.04.06

    added: onInitFailed(), this callback is called if the initialization of the viewer fails, this could e.g. happen if images cannot be loaded added: startAutoSpin(), this method enables you to start the Auto Spin function manually via API added: stopAutoSpin(), this method enables you to stop the Auto Spin function manually via API

  • RELEASE: FSI Viewer JS Build 17.03.16

    added: debugEnabled(); returns: bEnabled; returns if the debug mode is enabled added: debugError(); returns the corresponding viewer error messages in the console added: debugLog(); returns the corresponding viewer log messages in the console added: debugWarn(); returns the corresponding viewer warning messages in the console

  • Creating advanced custom skins for FSI Viewer JS/ FSI Pages JS

    In order to fit the design of your website perfectly, the FSI Viewer JS and FSI Pages JS skin can easily be customized to your liking via CSS. The tutorial Creating custom skins for FSI Viewer JS shows you the basic structure of the CSS file with an example custom skin. This tutorial explains how […]