PEEKS AND POKES: How to relocate FSI Servers internal storage

FSI Server uses a directory structure to store copies of the original files optimized for fast access and delivery. By default this storage is located in WEB-INF/storage beneath the fsi application directory. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to relocate this storage directory, e.g. if the webapps directory is on the system partition/disk and you want the storage on a different partition/disk. When relocating a storage which already contains a considerable amount of images, it is recommended to move the storage instead of re-importing the images to the new storage location.

The easiest way to relocate the storage is by directly editing the config files. To do so follow these steps:

Shut down the application server and navigate to fsi/WEB-INF/config in your webapps directory. The files settings.xml and importer.xml both contain a location-tag in the application section. Enter the full path the desired storage directory. Relative paths are interpreted as being relative to fsi/WEB-INF. Once the files are saved move the contents of fsi/WEB-INF/storage to your new storage location and make sure it is readable for the user running the application server. If you followed these instructions carefully, you should now be able to start the application server and have immediate access to all images in the FSI Server web-interface.

Wanting to relocate the storage using FSI Administrator is a little more complicated as FSI Server must be running to access the administration interface and it still requires direct access to the filesystem to move the storage contents. Before starting please make sure the directory for the new storage exists in the filesystem and is writable. After logging in to FSI Administrator and entering the FSI Server administration interface, click on Importer settings in the left menu and deactivate the importer and change the storage location in the same dialog. After that, choose the server settings and change the storage location there. Then, as in the steps described before, move the contents of WEB-INF/storage to your new storage directory. Navigate back to the importer settings and re-activate the importer. The FSI Server will automatically restart and the new storage location will now the usable.