FSI Server 2016 Offical Release

We are proud to present you the long and eagerly awaited FSI Server 2016.
This article will introduce you to some of the powerful new features that will bring dynamic imaging to another level.

Besides a great number of new features, we have also made a lot of technical improvements which will make the usage of FSI Server even more convenient and faster than before.

New JavaScript viewers


  • FSI Touchzoom lets you experience the sharpest responsive image quality for mobile devices.

    FSI TouchZoom adds responsive image zoom to touch-enabled devices, making it a powerful assistance for responsive web design.
    When you are pinch-zooming into a website containing single source images provided by FSI Server, the images will be displayed in the resolution matching the current magnification.


  • FSI Viewer JS enables you to produce outstanding product presentations for touch enabled devices.
    The viewer displays image zoom and 360° object spin on mobile and desktop devices. It offers in place zoom or pinch-zoom support, depending on the device capabilities. FSI Viewer JS also supports multiple axis spins. By using an optional video, the spin rotation of the object can be displayed extremely smooth on devices which support video capturing. Optional Hot Spots can be fully customized via XML and make your product presentation even more compelling.


  • FSI ImageFlow is a solution to display multiple images.

    The JavaScript based image carousel can be used on mobile and desktop devices. It comes with built-in mirror effects and optional full page zoom and offers a perfect solution to present hundreds of high-resolution images on the fly.


  • FSI QuickZoom enables you to add a mouseover zoom for desktop computers to your product page in no time.
    While hovering over the product image, an enlarged section is displayed next to the original image. Since only the section that is currently requested is loaded, the zoom is super fast and shows the user every detail in a second. The zoom window can be fully adjusted to your requirements.


  • FSI Showcase JS is another solution to display multiple images.
    FSI Viewer JS and FSI ImageFlow can be combined for to present a large amount of images in a gallery. FSI ImageFlow is placed below FSI Viewer and can be used to browse through the images. By clicking on an image, it will be opened in the FSI Viewer JS where every detail can be explored.


  • Support for Digital Assets

    With FSI Server 2016, you can now store and access files such as videos, archives, PDFs and all other document formats. This makes it possible to manage all relevant assets of your web presentation with FSI Server.


  • Source Connectors

    FSI Server 2016 comes with a variety of possibilities to store and manage content. Besides storing and managing images like in previous versions, the introduction of source connectors types opens up to a couple of new possibilities. A source connector defines how the content of a directory is handled.

    The source connector Storage imports images to the storage for high performance, like in previous FSI Server versions.
    As of version 3 of FSI Server, there are two new source connectors types that allow access to assets and images without the need to import them.
    The source connector type Multi Resolution provides the ability to upload multiresolution TIFF or FPX files and accessing these directly using the same URL-syntax as you would for imported images. This feature is primarily aimed at customers with a large stock of multi-resolution images and makes it easy for eRez users to migrate. The other new source connector type Static allows managing and serving static files of any type such as PDFs, zip files and videos, which can be addressed via a simple URL.


  • New Editions

    With the introduction of FSI Server 2016, we have also made a few changes concerning our editions.
    All JavaScript and Flash based viewers are now directly included in the FSI Server price. The ASP features are now included in all editions, except for the “Small Business” edition. The ability to use the licence for third-party hosting depends now on two different parameters – the amount of source connectors and groups.
    We have also made our licence models even more flexible: You can now choose between the full licence or a monthly rental licence. If you do not have the infrastructure to run FSI Server, we also offer Shared Hosting or dedicated server hardware on a monthly rental basis. There are also free staging licences for testing purposes in a non-productive environment available.

  • Advanced User Rights Management

    The configuration of FSI Server 2016 lets you set up well-defined user, group and source connector permissions and properties via XML files or the FSI Administrator. This enables you to control the user rights in a precise and convenient way, making it easy to manage even large amounts of different customers on one FSI Server.


  • New Web Interface

    We have revised our web interface for FSI Server completely. The new modern interface provides access to all the new features. It is HTML and JavaScript-based, which makes it compatible with tablet devices and even more convenient to use. We have also implemented drag and drop support, which makes it easy to upload files from desktop or to download multiple files as well as copying/moving files within the web interface in no time. A “Trash” folder storing deleted files has also been added, guaranteeing that you never loose any data by accident. The entirely new layout includes a Hotspot editor for FSI Viewer, making it easy to highlight important areas of a picture or a 360° presentation. It also features a Hyperlink editor for FSI Pages, where you are able to edit and save hyperlinks and overlays for your FSI Pages publications directly within the interface. The search function has been greatly improved and offers a wizard to assemble your search criteria. Furthermore, you can now save your FSI Viewer or FSI Pages parameters to a configuration file and publish multiple items with the same options just by selecting other items in the thumbnail view.


  • Meta Data Information

    Now you are able to add or modify EXIF-, IPTC-, XMP- and custom metadata for all files & directories when they are used within FSI Server context. It is possible to modify metadata of multiple files in one go while leaving the source files untouched. XMP support is enabled as well as the GPS metadata support.

  • Color Information

    You can display color information for your images directly in the web interface. It is possible to download the ICC profile of an image, as well as checking the dye distribution and various


  • New Storage Format

    The new storage format offers 1:1 source file relation, which leads to less files and directories, making FSI Server even faster than before.
    This also improves the backup capability and makes it possible to re-import images without interrupting the availability. An automatic migration to the new storage format makes the upgrading as convenient as possible.

  • New Licensing System

    We have made our licensing easier and faster. New licences are machine bound and will replace the old FQDN bound licences. Additionally, you are now able to generate licence keys directly via the FSI Server web interface or via the new NeptuneLabs customer accounts on our website.


  • Support of Clipping Paths & Overlays

    You can now select and combine image regions based on clipping paths and/or alpha channels. Based on the selections you can apply effects to the selected area only. This way you can colorize parts of an image easily. It also possible to place overlays or watermarks on all images delivered by FSI Server.


  • New FSI Server Benchmark

    The new FSI Server Benchmark offers enhanced precision and improved comparability.

  • JMX Support

    FSI Server 2016 does support JMX, which allows you to monitor FSI Server with JMX MBeans. With a monitoring system such as Nagios or Zabbix you can monitor metric data, e.g. the uptime, expiry, image count, and CPU load.


    Further technical improvements

    • quality improvements for JPEG compressed storage data
    • enhanced Multi-CPU support
    • wide HTTP header customization support


We hope that this gave you a rough overview of the new features and highlights of the new FSI Server version. If you would like to have more information, please feel free to browse our website or contact us.
If you would like to try out the new features, please visit our demo server or download a trial version!