FSI Pages JS will soon be available!

We are proud to announce that a JavaScript-based viewer for interactive catalogs on any device will be available soon! The viewer will replace the known FSI Pages Flash and FSI Pages mobile and comes with even more functionality, especially on mobile devices.
Try it here!

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Bring your publications to every device.

FSI Pages JS will finally bring realistic page flip to mobile devices and touchscreens on desktops – by using a touch-enabled device, the user now has an interactive catalog browsing feeling, almost as if holding the publication in the hands. With the convenient mouse scroll function on desktop devices, flipping through a catalog is possible as fast as never before.
Only a single high-resolution source image per page is required – converting your PDF documents into multiple high-resolution source images can be easily done with numerous tools.
You only need to upload your pages as images to FSI Server 2016, publish them as FSI Pages JS and embed the HTML Code into your website. This makes the publication of a catalog unbeatably fast and convenient.


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Catalogs on every device



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Examples of different skins

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Useful features enhance the user experience.

FSI Pages JS will provide a minimalistic, highly customizable user interface. It comes with three modern default skins and custom skins can be adapted to your liking completely via CSS, which makes the styling of it incredibly easy and fast.
The viewer comes with an optional bookmark function, which lets the user save favorite pages for later as well as a search function which enables them to browse through the catalog even more efficiently.

Hyperlinks and tool-tips allow you to add more in-depth information upon the displayed products as well as direct links to your website and/or online shop, making the publication highly interactive and accessible.

The chapters options is especially helpful if you are presenting a large catalog – this way, the user can browse to the desired section with one click. You can also decide between different page layouts: the realistic page flip, the minimalistic scroll or even a vertical scroll.
An optional print function enables the user to print several pages as well as the whole publication.
Examples of all features mentioned above can be found here.

The viewer will be availabe within the next weeks.
FSI Pages JS will be automatically included in the FSI Server 2016 software.
If you have already bought FSI Server 2016, you then only need to update your version to the new release as soon as it is available.
As soon as the viewer is available on the demo server or in the trial version trial version, this will be announced in the blog.
Try the new features out here: FSI Pages JS Examples