What’s new in FSI Server 2?

FSI Server 2 is the latest FSI Server release and it offers a lot of new features. Here are some of the highlights.

glasses The new anaglyph image renderer allows creating real time stereoscopic images from two plain source images. Together with FSI Viewers 360° feature this is the leading solution for rotating stereoscopic product presentation.
The all new FSI Pages mobile is the newly developed non-flash version of FSI Pages. This state of the art JavaScript client application makes use of FSI Servers new double page renderer to optimize the user experience on hand held devices like Apples iPad. Of course FSI Servers publishing interface now includes options to publish your catalogs as FSI Pages mobile. pmobile
administrator The new connection to FSI Administrator makes configuring your FSI Server installation a lot easier. FSI Administrator is the web-based configuring interface for all your server side FSI applications.
The ASP editions now provide full multi user support, so you as an ASP can give all your users access to the web interface. Under the hood a lot of changes have made FSI Server more reliable and have also further increased image delivery speed.
Last but not least there are two new fancy skin designs for the webinterface to allow a more individual user experience. interface