FSI Server OpenAPI – Part I: What’s the OpenAPI?

The new FSI Server release officially introduces the FSI Server Open API. The API is an essential part of FSI Server and provides everything needed to integrate FSI Server into existing automated workflows. The API was already part of FSI Server 1 but as it was subject to change we did not officially release it.

The webinterface delivered with FSI Server is like a reference implementation of a client application using the FSI Server OpenAPI. The FSI Server OpenAPI provides methods to manage image data stored on the FSI Server as well as methods to access the image data and related metadata. An additional manual was released together with the latest FSI Server release. It is targeted at developers and provides detailed technical information on the OpenAPI. The manual is available in the download section.

This series of blog entries will describe the individual parts of the API and will include lots of code examples showing how to use the API with different client side programming languages. The focus will lie on the part of the API that allows managing data on the server, mainly uploading and deleting images. The next part of this series will show how to log in to FSI Server using Java or PHP on the client side.