I would like to update my server to FSI Server 2016. What do I need to keep in mind?

The probably largest change is the format of the internal storage. The new storage format offers nearly a 1:1 source file relation,
which leads to less files and directories. This enables FSI Server 2016 to manage even larger installations. The new format takes a lot of
load off the file system itself and simplifies backups of the storage.

The change of the storage format makes a re-import of the image data inevitable.
As in previous versions the import places a noticeable load on the system, this means the resources used for importing are not available for request processing. Depending on the amount of traffic the server is handling, this might have an impact on the server’s performance.

As FSI Server now allows image delivery directly from multi-resolution source images and also allows the delivery of any kind of asset provided, not all data is necessarily imported into the internal storage. Due to this change, some component names needed to be changed.
FSI Server 2016 offers an automatic configuration migration to assist in applying the required changed to the configuration files.

Please refer to our FSI Server Migration Guide (which can be found in the Support by Product section with FSI Server 2016 selected) for more information.