Multi-axis spin for FSI Viewer JS is now available!

The new multi-axis spin function enables you to show your products from all sides and brings the user experience to another level. Customers are now not only able to view the product from the sides, but also from above, which offers them a feeling of almost holding the product in their hands. Try out the demo!


  • Easy publication

    FSI Viewer JS lets you easily combine a series of object spins which are taken from multiple view levels.
    You just need to enter the range of the scene set and the viewer compiles the spin dynamically.

    If you already have used multi-axis spin with the old FSI Viewer Flash in the past, you can now change to the new FSI Viewer JS in no time and benefit from the same functionality with no effort.

    Multi-angle spins can be shot with the corresponding photorobotic equipment. To learn more about 360° photo shooting, please click here.


  • Bringing object spins to another level

    The interactive combination of multi-angle spin and zoom enables users to view the product from every direction.
    In combination with hot spots this creates an experience close to being in a store. FSI Viewer JS is fully customizable, making it easy to fit it into your website design in no time.
    Try out a sample here!

You can try out the new functions on our demo server or get a fully functional trial version.
If you have already bought FSI Server 2016, you only need to update your version to the latest release.

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