JavaScripts not working with Flash Player 9,0,124,0 or greater


As of version 9,0,124,0 Adobe Systems tightened the Flash
Players security model regarding JavaScript. These changes require a certain new parameter to be set within the HTML page.


Updating fsiwriter.js to version 1.6 will add the required parameter to the writeFlashCode() function by default. Alternatively this new parameter can be changed by JavaScript parameters as usually.

Code without fsiwriter.js:

If the Flash Player is used without the JavaScript function writeFlashCode() the parameter AllowScriptAccess must be set in both tags if JavaScript is used inside the catalogs

Update using eRez Management Console and a package

Download the Update here .
Open the eRez Management Console (Administer and Configure the Server), log in and upload the ZIP file using the left menu entryInstall Package.

Updating file fsiwriter.js only

Replace the file in fsiwriter.js in your eRez Imaging Server installation or custom FSI Viewer installation.

Download the latest version of FSIWriter.
This JavaScript can be found on the eRez Imaging Server in folder webapps/erez4/js.
On Microsoft Windows a typical path would be:
C:Program Filesyawaherez4tomcatwebappserez4jsfsiwriter.js