RELEASE: FSI Viewer 5.5.0 – Major changes

  • ADDED: Support for FSI Viewer Server
  • ADDED: “IMAGE” aliases for “FPX” parameters (e.g. FPXWidth is now ImageWidth)
  • ADDED: Parameters “ImageServer” and “ImagePath”
  • ADDED: “urlBase3DList” can now be ommited. FSI Viewer builds the correct request based on ImageServerType and ImageServer (FPXServerType and FPXBase respectively) “images3dURL” parameter then only needs to contain the path of the desired directory containing the images
  • ADDED: plug-in Notepad: the plug-in now tries to create a unique ID based on the “dir” parameter (Pages/Showcase) or the ImagePath/FPXSrc parameter Viewer)
  • FIXED: 3D images with “ScenePreload” set to “false” displayed low resolution scene preview images always
  • FIXED: Using “RoundedSkinCorners” parameters > 0 lead to cropped print outs (FSI Pages and PrintSave plug-ins)
  • FIXED: display issue when dragging a page corner with flipCornerSize=0 or on start-up