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  • Time is money – 360° photo shooting and web publishing in real-time

    An effective product display is crucial for a successful online presence. Virtual, photorealistic and interactive 360° presentations lead to a impression similar to actually being able to touch the product – it can be turned and viewed from all sides.

    Combined with the JavaScript-based FSI Viewer, every detail of the product can be explored. This technology provides a competitive advantage over standard flat shot product presentations. A virtual spin requires multiple high-resolution shots of the product taken from all angles. The combination of a turntable and a telescopic robot arm allows taking pictures from the entire upper hemisphere.

  • Centreless Table

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  • Photo Robotic Equipment by Fotorobot

    Our partner Fotorobot, based in the Czech Republic, develops and sells photo robotic hardware optimized to quickly capture high-quality shots for use with FSI Viewer. Besides offering a set of standard photo robotic arms for vertical shots, turntables and lighting solutions, FotoRobot offers custom-made robotic solutions for your photographic requirements as well as the possibility to hire their studio.

    Fotorobot equipment works with any type of camera – Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax and more. Basip, the controlling software of the photo robots, offers some special features and adjustments for Canon cameras.

The information below is a brief overview of the FotoRobot product portfolio.
If you would like to know more, request further information or visit for more detailed product information.
Please note that NeptuneLabs does not sell these products listed here.

The Case

  • Case

  • Portable and easy to unpack, the case is an economic solution ideal for freelancers, or those looking to shoot precious or perishable goods that need to be photographed on location.

    Includes a unique lighting system with an 850 mm diameter transparent plate and diffusion background, and lights the object from both the back and bottom.

    A laser system is used to find the table’s center of rotation, while the encoder reads the absolute position of the plate and ensures maximum precision of plate rotation.

Table Kits

  • Robotic Turntable

    Robotic Turntable

  • Centreless Table

    Centreless Table

  • Still-Photo Centreless Table

    Still-Photo Centreless Table

  • Tent For Cube

    Tent For Cube


  • Cube


  • Turning Platform

    Turning Platform

  • Walking Belt

    Walking Belt

  • Carousel



  • Vario


  • Vario XL

    Vario XL

  • Robotic Arm

    Robotic Arm

  • Multi-Cam


Portable Panorama

  • Panorama


  • Mobile Remote

    Mobile Remote

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