FSI QuickZoom

Present your images with fast and effective flyout zoom.

FSI QuickZoom enables you to add a mouseover zoom for desktop computers to your product page in no time. While hovering over the product image, an enlarged section is displayed next to the original image. Since only the section that is currently requested is loaded, the zoom is super fast and shows the user every detail in a second. The zoom window can be fully adjusted to your requirements.

How the flyout zoom works


  • Combine FSI QuickZoom with FSI TouchZoom or FSI Viewer JS for outstanding zoom quality on all devices.

    You can easily combine the benefits of FSI QuickZoom with the zoom quality of FSI TouchZoom or FSI Viewer JS in order to ensure sharp images on any device. FSI TouchZoom enables intuitive zooming and panning for touch enabled devices while FSI Viewer JS comes with more functionalities.

  • Benefits at a glance:

    • flyout image zoom for desktop devices
    • super-quick zoom
    • easily combinable with FSI TouchZoom or FSI Viewer JS on mobile devices
    • Seamless integration
    • Apply over 30 different image effects on the fly
    • Incedibly fast publishing