1. Small Businesses to Large Enterprises
  2. Needing to display an interactive online catalog or brochure
  3. Retailers, needing to display weekly brochures with the latest offers
  4. Fashion retailers, needing to display seasonal catalogs


FSI Server is a high-performance Imaging Server designed for centrally managing and publishing images. Combined with FSI Pages JS you can bring your brochures and catalogs to any device with interactive features.

  • Manage all images on FSI Server

    FSI Server lets you handle your images conveniently. You only need to upload your images, choose the catalog publishing option and paste the generated code into your website document. FSI Server offers a web interface which is easy to use and gives you full control of your images.

  • Bring interactive catalogs to all devices

    Customers can browse through your brochures and catalogs almost as if they are holding it in their hands – FSI Pages JS brings your publications to any device, such as desktop computers, Android™ and iOS™ cellphones and tablets. The JavaScript based viewer provides a lot of interactive features and a minimalistc, customizable user interface. Try it out here.

  • Seamlessly connect to your online shop

    Customizable tool-tips and hyperlinks allow you to provide extensive information upon the products in your publications and enable you to directly link to your online shop, which makes the order process even more convenient.

  • Benefit of extensive features

    FSI Pages JS enables you to include dynamic chapters to your catalog and offers a lightning-fast page index. You can also enable a search and a bookmark function to enhance the user experience even more. Furthermore, a convenient printing option can be provided.
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