1. Managing a website with small to large amount of images
  2. Images need to be centralized, managed and published in different sizes and/or variations
  3. Already using a DAM or CMS system, wanting to integrate a Single Source Imaging server


With our FSI OpenAPI we enable developers to integrate FSI Server in complex environments or to design client applications. The API provides access to the full functionality of FSI Server (e.g. up- and download, copy, rename, render images and alike) in order to ensure a seamless integration.

  • Manage all images on FSI Server

    FSI Server lets you handle your images conveniently. You only need to upload your images, choose the zoom option which suits you most and paste the generated code into your website document. FSI Server offers a web interface which is easy to use and gives you full control of your images.

  • Use the API to embed it into your workflow

    The FSI Server OpenAPI provides methods to manage image data stored on the FSI Server as well as methods to access the image data and related metadata. This makes it possible to seamlessly connect FSI Server to your CMS, DAM or PIM system .