Providing Services



  1. Managing multiple customers or departments
  2. Need to provide image hosting
  3. Optional need to offer dynamic zoom, 360° spins, catalogs or image galleries


You can use FSI Server as an all-in-one solution to provide image hosting as well as offer various possibilities of image presentation as a service. If you are managing several customers or business departments on one server, a dedicated and precise user management is required.

  • Manage all images on FSI Server

    FSI Server lets you handle all images of your customers easily. FSI Server offers a convenient web interface which your customers can use for uploading and publishing their images while you have full control of the imaging server itself.

  • Using the server as provider

    Our solution is flexible and can be tailored to your needs and business – you can rent or buy the software and provide dynamic imaging to your customers. It is also possible to rent dedicated hardware if required. You can choose which publishing options are available for your customers – whether you just want to provide image or asset delivery, zoom & pan, 360° object spin or catalog publishing – FSI Server gives you the tools for providing outstanding online image management and presentation.

  • Advanced user management

    FSI Server offers a precise user management to control what content your customers are able to see or which actions they can do. You can grant your users individual permissions to download, upload or delete files in their folders. It is also possible to define which viewers are available for each customer indiviually – everything can be configured to match your requirements.