Spin Images



  1. Small Businesses to Large Enterprises
  2. Needing to present images in 360° with zoom & pan option


Whether it is clothing, where every seam and button can be examined closely, or a notebook, where all connectors can be checked – virtual spins will enrich the customer experience.
All you need is a set of photos of an object from different viewing angles.
Virtual, photorealistic and interactive 360° presentations lead to an impression similar to actually being able to touch the product – it can be turned and viewed from all sides.

  • Manage all images on FSI Server

    FSI Server lets you handle your images conveniently. You only need to upload your images, choose the 360° spin publishing option and paste the generated code into your website document. FSI Server offers a web interface which is easy to use and gives you full control of your images.

  • Deliver smooth spins to all devices

    FSI Viewer enables you to produce outstanding product presentations for any device. The viewer displays image zoom and 360° object spins with in-place zoom or pinch zoom support, depending on the device capabilities.
    Take a look at our 360° Spin & Zoom samples.