Zoom & Pan



  1. Small Businesses to Large Enterprises
  2. Images displayed on the website need to be zoomed
  3. Retailers, needing to display images magnified in order to let visitors explore every detail of the product
  4. Non-Profit organizations, presenting large amount of images (historical documents, paintings, botanical collections,…) which need to be enlarged


FSI Server is a high-performance Imaging Server designed for centrally managing and publishing images. You can choose from a wide variety of FSI Servers integrated flexible zoom & pan viewers in order to ensure smooth zoom on almost all devices.

  • Manage all images on FSI Server

    FSI Server lets you handle your images conveniently. You only need to upload your images, choose the zoom option which suits you most and paste the generated code into your website document. FSI Server offers a web interface which is easy to use and gives you full control of your images.

  • Bring outstanding zoom to all devices

    Being able to zoom to any detail on all sides of a product is almost like holding the product in your hands – with FSI Viewer, smooth zoom is brought to any device, such as desktop computers, Android™ and iOS™ cellphones and tablets. The JavaScript based viewer provides a minimalistic, highly-customizable user interface which is easily customizable via CSS. Try it out here.

  • Intuitive zoom for touch enabled devices

    With FSI TouchZoom you will experience the sharpest responsive image quality for mobile devices. FSI TouchZoom adds responsive image zoom to touch enabled devices, making it a powerful assistance for responsive web design. When pinch zooming into a website containing single source images provided by FSI Server, the images will be displayed in the resolution matching the current magnification. Try it out here.

  • Add zoom to images on mouse over

    Use FSI QuickZoom on desktop computers for adding add a fly-out zoom to your product page in no time.
    While hovering over the product image, an enlarged section is displayed next to the original image. Since only the section that is currently requested is loaded, the zoom is super fast and shows the user every detail in a second. The zoom window can be fully adjusted to your requirements. Try it out here.