FSI Pages Mobile – Help


  • FSI Pages is navigated by using the menu bar (below the image) and gestures directly on the image.
    For example, you can directly switch to the next page by clicking the right arrow or flicking the screen.
    Spread any area of an image to zoom in.

Main Functions

  • Back / Forward. Turns a page back or forth.

  • First / Last page. Takes you to the first or last page of the catalog. Not available on all devices.

  • Jump to page… Enter a page number, then hit Enter. This will take you to the page with the given number. Not available on all devices.

  • Open Menu. This will open the menu. Additional functions might be available.


  • Flick Images
    This will display the former/next page.

  • Drag Image
    This will move the displayed part of the image when zoomed.

  • Tap
    This will activate the menu buttons or links.

  • Tap hold
    Tap and hold anywhere to display hyperlinks on the current page (if any).

  • Spread
    Enlarge image.

  • Pinch
    Scale down image.

  • Open Link
    Click link shape to display information. Click link icon to open link or x to close.