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  • Using the XML validation of browsers to debug .xml/.fsi files

    Reason: Using the browser’s built in XML validation of XML files is very useful for debugging the .fsi configuration files. You can open the .fsi file in your browserand use its built-in XML validation to detect possible faulty code easily. Solution: To make use of the debugging capabilities, the according mimteype must be registered to […]

  • Firewall blocking requests due to their content type

    Reason: Some Firewalls do not allow certain mime types to pass. Solution: If your Firewall is blocking requests due to their content type, please add the mime type “application/x-shockwave-flash” for the filetypes .swf, .plg, .nlm, .skn and “application/xml” for .fsi and .xml to your webserver configuration. e.g. for Apache mime.types file: application/x-shockwave-flash swf plg nlm […]

  • Storing cached data outside the servlet context.

    In some cases you might want FSI Cache to use an arbitrary directory to store the cached image server contents. As FSI Cache makes use of Tomcats ability to deliver static contents this cannot be achieved purely by changing the FSI Cache configuration but implies changing tomcats default configuration. The quickest way is to use […]

  • Retrieving image information from FSI Server

    To obtain the image width and height from FSI Server you need to request the “fsi/info.xml” template. The request has the following scheme: http://fsi.domain.com/fsi/server?src=[IMAGE]&type=info&tpl=info If you replace the [IMAGE] with an existing imagepath on FSI Server, e.g. “samples/Watch.jpg” you will receive the XML file with the image properties as follows:

    Depending on the image source, additional […]

  • Adding FSI Cache to the FSI Server webinterface

    Reason: You are using FSI Cache and prefer HTML Code snippets using FSI Cache over FSI Server Solution: Edit your webappsfsiWEB-INFconfigdefaultprefs.xml In the prefs node add the proxyURL, e.g. http://cache.domain.com/fsicache Replace the URL Above with your FSI Cache request root. When using FSI Server, FSI Viewer will assume the assume “server”, “viewer” and “js” as […]

  • Watermarks appear

    If you see a watermark “FSI Viewer evaluation copy” this means the FSI Viewer licence was not found, invalid, expired or the registered FQDN was wrong. If you see a watermark “EVALUATION COPY – FSI SERVER” this means the FSI Server licence was not found, invalid, expired or the registered FQDN was wrong. If you see a watermark “FSI CACHE – […]

  • Image import in FSI Server is very slow

    Reason: The server may not have enough memory or the operating system is swapping. Solution: The import performance depends not only on the servers CPU, but primarily on the server I/O subsystem. Thus we recommend to run FSI Server on a dedicated machine. If FSI Server tries to import images that can’t be handled in […]