How can I upload test images to the demo server?

Please feel free to upload some test images to our demo server.
To upload and test your own images to our demo server you need to:

  1. Click “FSI Products” => “FSI Server” in the menu to the left.
    Click the scheme to open FSI Server interface. Log in using username “guest” and password “guest”.
  2. Click the “Public Uploads” folder in the list of folders on the left.
  3. Click the “Upload Images” button (located at the right of the window).
  4. Click “Browse” and select some TIFF, JPEG, PNG or other image file(s) to upload.
    You can alternatively select a ZIP archive containing multiple images to upload.
    Please note that the server converts the images when the upload is complete.
  5. Click “OK” at the bottom of the upload window.

When the upload is finished and conversion is complete you can access the image(s) by selecting the “Public Uploads” folder.
Please note that we regularly remove images from the demo server and that the images are publicly available.