API Client JS

A flexible interface for developers.

Control the OpenAPI
in no time.

The FSI Server API Client JS offers developers a flexible interface to control the REST OpenAPI of FSI Server via Node project or as a JavaScript library. To make the API as accessible as possible, we have made the client available on GitHub. You can see the API in action on our demo FSI Server.

Automate all
important tasks.

Uploading, deleting, modifying, creating and managing files & directory structures, as well as complex tasks can be easily accomplished using this high-level API client. The FSI Server web interface uses this API client to communicate with FSI Server.

Two concepts for maximum flexibility.

There are two ways of using the API: a promise-based API and a queue API. Queueing command results in a far more readable code while using the promise-based API gives you more flexibility, but a deeply nested code. So no matter what your requirements are, you can adjust the API easily to it.

Integration of PIM, DAM and CMS systems made easy.

The API can be used to integrate FSI Server in your workflow and to connect it with your PIM, DAM or CMS system. This way, manual tasks are made obsolete, optimizing your process and saving time.

Example: Queue API (renaming all files in a folder)

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Automate your image workflow with our powerful API.

The API client is used by the FSI Server web interface itself and ensures to perform even complex tasks easily. All information is available on Github and the API can be conveniently installed with npm or yarn. No matter if you want to batch upload or download, rename all files in a folder, create or delete directories or files, re-import items or metadata – the API covers all tasks. You are also able to perform custom tasks not covered by the API by adding custom functions, making this a powerful tool in your daily workflow and custom setup.