Dynamic Single Source Imaging

Dynamic Single Source Imaging

All images in any size at any time – simply by changing the URL.

Responsive, dynamic and unbeatably fast.

You just need one high-resolution image – FSI Server creates the desired image size, cropping and image effects in an instant.

Save publishing time, disk space & money.

Real-time rendering your images results in fewer files, more optimized responsive resolutions and faster loading time and thus higher page ranking.

Responsive image zoom on every device.

Provide zoom functionality to your website visitors without any hassle – no matter where they are and which device they use.

See how easy Single Source Imaging is:

You just upload one image, the changes are made on-the-fly and dynamically in the image URL!



Change the sliders or edit the parameters in the box above to see how it affects the image. See the image in a new tab.

No more time-consuming manual cropping and image editing – you only need to store the source image on the server, the rest is done dynamically while delivering.

The powerful key to delivering all of your images fast and cost-effective.

A normal e-commerce website needs to provide each product picture in different sizes and variations for thumbnails, high-resolution images for detail views, special images with a sale tag, different color variations, etc. This can lead up to thousands of images.

Using FSI Server with our Dynamic Single Source Imaging technology (SSI) you only have to provide one high-resolution source image for each image used on a website. FSI Server dynamically generates images in different formats, dimensions and qualities on-the-fly.

Normal image, embedded with static dimension via image tag

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This image is embedded as a static image. If you pinch-zoom into the site using a touchscreen device, the image becomes blurry.

Dynamically generated image
with Touch Zoom and Hover Zoom

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This image is dynamically generated by FSI Server and offers hover zoom on desktop computers. Additionally, it automatically adapts to the zoom scale if you pinch-zoom into the website with a touchscreen device.

Same image presented with Zoom & Pan Viewer via the fsi-viewer tag

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Adding the extensive zooming functionalities of FSI Viewer improves the customer experience even more. Use the zoom buttons or click on the image to use FSI Viewer. In order to implement the viewer, you only need to add the JS script and the fsi-viewer tag to your website.

How to easily publish dynamic images on all devices.

FSI TouchZoom is included in FSI Server. After downloading and installing the software, publishing interactive images across all platforms is incredibly easy and takes just a few clicks.

1. Upload Your Images

Open the ‘Upload’ Tab and upload your pictures to the web interface via Drag & Drop or by clicking the Browse button to add files.

2. Choose Single Source Image

Within the ‘Publish to Web’ Tab choose “Image, static” from the presets on the right in order to publish your image with the dynamic benefits of FSI Server. Adjust the dimensions of the image, the format, decide if you want to use effects or if you want to crop the image.

2. Add URL To Your Site

Copy the URL of the image or the resulting HTML code which is displayed within the publish dialogue and simply paste it into your website in order to implement the image.