FSI QuickZoom

FSI Quickzoom

Simple yet effective image zoom.

Effective zoom for desktop & mobile.

FSI QuickZoom is most intuitive zoom for desktop and mobile browsers – just hover above an image to have it enlarged.

Dynamic, simple and fast hover zoom.

The HTML5 technology provides super-fast hover-zoom for every device which can be easily combined with other viewers.

Easy to adapt to your liking and website look.

The non-interface viewer fits into any layout – but the appearance is also highly-adaptive due to numerous parameters.

Included for free in our dynamic imaging server.

FSI QuickZoom is part of our dynamic imaging server solution. So when you buy FSI Server, you are able to benefit from the full potential of all viewers and no additional costs apply.

Experience the interactive sample:

Hover over the image or move the finger over it on touch-enabled devices to see a fly-out zoom:

Hover over the image or move the finger over it on touch-enabled devices to see an in-place zoom:

See how easy it is implemented:

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FSI QuickZoom enables you to add a mouse-over zoom for desktop and mobile to your product page in no time. While hovering over the product image (or moving the finger over the image on a touch-enabled devices), an enlarged section is either displayed next to the original image or within the image. Since only the section that is currently requested is loaded, the zoom is super fast and shows the user every detail in a second. The zoom window can be fully adjusted to your requirements.

What FSI Quickzoom offers:

  • Included in FSI Server

  • Decide between in-place zoom or fly-out zoom

  • Only a single high-resolution source image per page required

  • Responsive Design – looks great on any device

  • Easily customizable via CSS

  • Blazing fast delivery

How to easily publish your images with hover zoom on desktop devices.

FSI QuickZoom is included in FSI Server. After downloading and installing the software, publishing your images with Hover Zoom just takes a few clicks. The zoom can be combined with the other zoom viewers as well.

1. Upload Your Images

Open the ‘Upload’ Tab and upload your pictures to the web interface via Drag & Drop or by clicking the Browse button to add files.

2. Activate FSI QuickZoom

Within the ‘Publish to Web’ Tab you can choose from a variety of viewers based on JavaScript. Choose “Image, responsive” from the presets on the right in order to publish an image with hover zoom.

3. Paste Codesnip To Your Site

Copy the HTML code which is displayed within the publish dialogue and simply paste it into your website in order to implement the viewer.