FSI Viewer 360°

FSI Viewer 360°

Display outstanding 360° spin and zoom presentations in no time.

Easy to use on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.

FSI Viewer 360° offers an intuitive interface which brings interactive 360° spins and high-resolution zoom to all devices.

Responsive implementation with JavaScript.

The JavaScript technology enables you to implement responsive and highly-adaptive spins for desktop computers and mobile devices.

Tons of interactive and adaptive features.

The viewer comes with optional interactive Hotspots, multiple axis spin function and optional video support for ultra smooth product spins.

Part of the powerful FSI Server package.

FSI Viewer 360° is part of our dynamic imaging server solution and comes for free with FSI Server.

Experience the interactive sample:

See how easy it is implemented:

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Deliver smooth spins to all devices.

Whether it is clothing, where every seam and button can be examined closely, or a notebook, where all ports can be checked – virtual spins will enrich the customer experience.

All you need is a set of photos of an object from different viewing angles.
Virtual, photorealistic and interactive 360° presentations lead to an impression similar to actually being able to touch the product – it can be turned and viewed from all sides.

Displaying 360° product spins works exactly like single image zoom – only with the additional option of spinning the object. You can zoom into all details from all angles and the required image data will be streamed on demand while ensuring ultra fast load times even on mobile devices.

What FSI Viewer 360° offers:

  • Included in FSI Server

  • JavaScript based for up-to-date Responsive Design

  • Outstanding zoom & spin functionality on all devices

  • Interactive Hotspot function, customizable via XML

  • Optional multiple axis spin function

  • Optional video support for exeptionally smooth spin

  • Highly customizable user interface

How to easily publish your 360° product spins on all devices.

FSI Viewer 360° is included in FSI Server. After downloading and installing the software, publishing interactive 360° spins across all platforms is incredibly easy and takes just a few clicks.

1. Upload Your Images

Open the ‘Upload’ Tab and upload your pictures to the web interface via Drag & Drop or by clicking the Browse button to add files.

2. Choose FSI Viewer 360°

Within the ‘Publish to Web’ Tab you can choose from a variety of viewers based on JavaScript. Choose “360° Spins” from the presets on the right in order to publish your images as a spin.

3. Paste Codesnip To Your Site

Copy the HTML code which is displayed within the publish dialogue and simply paste it into your website in order to implement the viewer.