What does Single Source Imaging mean?

With using Single Source Imaging you only have to provide a single high-resolution source image for each image used on a website. The Imaging Server dynamically generates all required image resolutions and image sections based on the source image.

Read more about Dynamic Single Source Imaging here.

Do I have to buy each viewer separately?

With the release of FSI Server 2016, all JavaScript and Flash based viewers are now automatically included in the FSI Server product. You can benefit from all image presentation options right away without purchasing each viewer separately.
Can I use FSI Viewer without FSI Server?

All FSI Viewers are included in the FSI Server product.
The concept of dynamic single source imaging allows a single high-resolution image to be used to retrieve images in different sizes based on that single high-resolution image. FSI Server Software provides the necessary functionality to scale, rotate and/or enhance any image before delivering it to the User. In contrast to normal Webserver Software, where each image has to be stored once in every resolution needed (e.g. Thumbnails and alike), FSI Server Software creates each image requested on the fly.

Due to the different possible magnification states for each image displayed in FSI Viewer, FSI Server Software is mandatory.

What does 'FSI' stand for?

FSI stands for Flashbased Singlesource Image  and is an abbreviation which was created for the first viewer we have developed (FSI Viewer = Flashbased Singlesource Image Viewer).
Nowadays it simply serves as the name of our products since we do not solely offer Flash based viewers anymore.
Do you offer a special discount for non-profit customers?

A 50% discount on FSI products (excluding FSI Skin/FSI Skin Plus products) applies to legally constituted organizations whose objective is to support or engage in activities of public or private interest without any commercial or monetary profit (Universities, school and other educational institutions, museums, aid organizations, etc.). Quotes and orders must include complete name, address & contact information.
Can I switch from a Monthly Rental licence to a Full Licence anytime?

Yes, you can switch to a full licence at the end of each month without problems.
Is it possible to upgrade the licence later?

Yes. Its possible to upgrade your licence from i.e. Small Business Editon to Professional Edition or higher any time. In this case, updating to the latest major version is mandatory.
NeptuneLabs products End Of Update/ End Of Life

The FSI Server version lifecycles are always connected with the lifecycle of last compatible major version of Oracle Java SE.

If a product reaches its EOU, that means that:

  • we will not publish new minor updates for the particular version anymore
  • it will not be possible to generate additional FSI Server 2 or additional corresponding viewer keys if required
  • support will still be offered in regards of troubleshooting
  • if an occurring problem would require a complete new minor update after the product reached EUO, we will not be able to provide a solution. Updating to the next major version of the product will of course always be possible.
FSI Server VersionLast compatible Java VersionEOU Date
16Feb 2013
27Apr 2015

FSI Viewer 1, 2 and 3 have reached their End Of Life and are not supported anymore.



What is Software Maintenance?

FSI Software Maintenance guarantees free access to major and minor software updates for NeptuneLabs products. The Software Maintenance is automatically included for the first 12 months after the software is purchased. Afterwards, a renewal of the Software Maintenance is available at an annual maintenance fee of 20% of the total software licence value.
Your Maintenance can be prolonged after it has expired. The cost of maintenance depends on the licence and add-ons purchased.
Do you offer installation service?

If you are unsure about the installation of FSI Server Software on your machine, we offer a remote installation service.
Please use our contact form to send us a message.

Where do I download updates?

Minor updates are freely available and can be downloaded in the support area.
Major updates may require a new licence key. If your licence is covered by software maintenance you will receive a new licence key free of charge.

What is the difference between minor and major updates?

Minor updates may add additional functionality to FSI Viewer or fix some known issues and are available for free. A minor update increases the 2nd or 3rd digit in the version number, e.g. version 4.0.6 to version 4.1.5.

Major Updates increase the first number of the version number, e.g. version 4.1.5 to version 5.0.0 and contain new features and functionality that has not been implemented before.

You can check your current FSI Viewer version by enabling the debug window.