This tutorial shows how to connect to your FSI Server via FSI Administrator. FSI Administrator uses encrypted packets for communicating with the server applications.

How to connect and access FSI applications

After login in to FSI Administrator, you will need to establish a connection to your server application. In this tutorial we will focus on FSI Server, but you can connect and configure to e.g. FSI Cache as well. Click the “Add Software” link to the left.
The Connect Software dialog is displayed:

Please choose the type of server application and enter the domain/IP of the server, the port and application path (usually “fsi” for FSI Server and “fsicache” for FSI Cache) as shown above and click the “Connect” button. FSI Administrator will try to establish a connection to the application with the given setting. When the connection has been established, you will return to the “My Software” screen of FSI Administrator, listing the connected applications:

Now you can connect to your application by clicking the Enter icon.