RELEASE: FSI Server 2.0.151 – First stable version of FSI Server 2 released


  • New: User access management for ASP editions
  • New: add service user for external statistics tool requests
  • Minor: logger performance increased
  • New: Support for external search databases (e.g. MySQL or MariaDB)
  • Minor: general OpenAPI improvements and enhancements (see OpenAPI manual)
  • New: Build-in FSI Server Benchmark for machine-sizing (see benchmark.txt)
  • New: FSI Viewer Version 5.6
  • New: FSI Pages mobile for iOS and Android


  • New: First official release of FSI Administrator


  • New: Partial re-import support for single images and directories
  • New: PNG ICC profile support
  • New: Protection for missing root profile directories, e.g. for disconnected devices
  • New: option ImportStrategy to differ between image server with core and importer and external importer licenses
  • New: System recommendation changed: for production system only 64 bit operating system recommended
  • New: improved new Exif reader for TIFF files
  • Major: Fix bug with different ICC profiles
  • Major: Better file change detection
  • Major: IPTC character encoding now always UTF-8
  • Major: leave image areas in alpha regions untouched – re-import required
  • Normal: Fix bug with images > 2GB
  • Normal: reduce CPU load during import for shared installations
  • Normal: Increase importing performance up to 40%
  • Normal: reduced search database size – auto. re-indexing after first restart
  • Major: New H2 database version with smaller data footprint
  • Major: Better color management for CMYK image without ICC profiles


  • New: Service and Meta-data responses GZIP compressed if supported
  • New: fully 304 status code support
  • Minor: Improve SWF Output performance with alpha channel
  • New: Added Effects: Saturation,Temperature,ChannelRGBFilter
  • Minor: Fix a very rare IndexOutOfBoundsException exception with filenames
  • New: Added support for anaglyph (stereoscopic) images
  • New: Added dpi Parameter for JPEG encoder
  • New: List sorting now with collation support
  • Major: Fix up-scaling quality and interpolation offset
  • Minor: increased performance of all color effects
  • New: Added double-page renderer for e.g. FSI Pages mobile

JS Interface:

  • Major: many small improvements and fixes
  • New: 2 new skins (dark and bright) included
  • New: added re-import menu in context menu
  • Normal: performance bug with context menu fixed
  • Minor: update JQuery version
  • Minor: small improvements in web interface
  • Security: potential XSS problem fixed
  • New: Interface: replaceable front logo
  • Minor: improved MacOS Safari support
  • Minor: improved Webkit support
  • New: I18N support for downloading files