This tutorial shows how to display detailed HTML formatted descriptions for links in FSI Pages using
annotations from a source PDF document. The tutorial show the required FSI Pages Converter options
and the settings to choose when using the “Publish as FSI Pages” option in the image server web interface.


In the “/Samples” directory of your FSI Pages Converter Installation you can find a sample PDF document
named “Sample Catalog Notes.pdf”. If you open the PDF document you will notice, that the PDF is different to the other PDF found in the same directory (“Sample Catalog.pdf”). The difference is that the PDF we will be using in this tutorial has:

  • Hyperlinks for each image, linking to an article number
  • Sticky notes with descriptive text for each article number

If you like to learn about how to add links and sticky notes to a PDF file, please refer to the
Using links and sticky notes in Acrobat Professional tutorial.

Configuring FSI Pages Converter

Once FSI Pages Converter is loaded, select the PDF file and set an output path, then take a look at the “Links” section in the “Preferences” tab.
Please check the “Include Links” box at the top. This will detect the shape and position of all links included in the PDF file and transfer the information to the TIF files Meta Data.
If the PDF file contains hyperlinks consisting of product IDs, please uncheck the “Simplified Links” check box.
It’s best to check the “Remove whitespaces” box as well, as this will remove all whitespaces in the links (like in ‘123 abc 456’).

To convert the text in the PDF’s annotations to link descriptions, the “Use comments” box in “Note options” needs to be checked. If the annotations contain basic HTML tags, these will be identified later and can be used to format your tooltip display. Please refer to the FSI Pages Converter help for a list of allowed HTML tags.

When you are done setting these options, please hit the “Convert” button and wait for the Converter to finish.


Once the conversion completed and you have finished uploading the output TIFF files to Imaging server, you can select the folder from the web interface and click the “Publish to web” button at the top, then choose “Publish as FSI Pages”. Now make sure the “Catalog with Links” option is selected.

The sample PDF file had sticky notes as the links description. FSI Pages Addon offers full text search capabilities within these notes. To enable searching, check the “Enable Searching” option, located under “More Options”.

Last step

If you preview the catalog now, hover your mouse over one of the hyperlinks in the catalog. You will see the large tooltip plug-in displaying the text from the PDF’s annotation that is located over the link in the PDF file.