In the former tutorial, Enabling printing and downloading, the configuration was focussing on PDF downloads for printing, as PDFs usually offer the better quality compared to pixel based images. If you do not like to or cannot provide PDFs for each image in the FSI Pages Instance (eg. no PDF as the high resolution images source), there are options within FSI Viewer, that let you configure the image retrieved from the FSI Server for your custom needs.

Printing from FSI Pages

In the former tutorial, you learned about the PrintResolution parameter in the .xml file. Here we introduce you to a new parameter, the SaveResolution parameter:

<plugin src="pages" >
      <!-- Other entries removed for demonstration purposes -->
      <Print value="true" />
      <PrintResolution value="1024" />
      <Save value="true" />
      <SaveResolution value="1024" />

The parameter “PrintResolution” or “SaveResolution” sets the image width in pixel, which FSI Viewer will retrieve from the imaging server. In this example, the image being printed and saved will be 1024 pixels wide, the correct ratio of the image will automatically be calculated by the imaging server.

Both settings have the same effect, the difference is, that one will affect the downloaded image while the other one will affect the image being printed. This way, the user can download images for desktop resolution and high resolution images for printing if needed. For each Print… parameter there is a Save… parameter accordingly.

Depending on the image server accessed you can additionally pass effect parameters “PrintEffects” or “SaveEffects” to sharpen the image or to specify the image compression. With FSI Server the corresponding parameter value to sharpen the image by “200” and set compression to “90%” is:
<PrintEffects value=”sharpen=200&quality=90″ /> to be used in your .xml configuration files pages-plugin node or URL Encoded when handed over as HTTP query, eg: pages_saveeffects=quality%3d90&sharpen%3d200

The following table gives an overview about which option has which effect on the image retrieved:
quality0 = very poor, 100 = best. (Template)Image quality, Download size: Lower quality leads to faster download time at the cost of decreased image quality.

Parameter Values (Default Value) Affects
sharpen -500 to +500 (Template) Image quality: Only minor affects on image size. Negative values will blur the image
brighten 0.0. – indef. (1) Image quality: Only minor affects on image size. Negative values will blur the image


Using real time templates

With FSI Server you might additionally want to use a specific real time template used to retrieve the image for printing or saving. Please use the FSI Pages parameter “PrintTemplate” in this case. The “PrintTemplate” or “SaveTemplate” defines the real time template used to load the image. By default FSI Pages uses the default real time template “fsi”: <PrintTemplate value=”fsi” /> resp. <SaveTemplate value=”fsi” />

Its suggested to define a real time template for downloading and/or printing images with the desired dimensions and options.
Please note, that the higher the resolution of the single source image, the better the results will be. Requesting higher resolutions than the original image is will result in the image becoming blurred.

Parameter Overview:

A list of the available parameters offers the following table:

Printing Parameter Saving Parameter Values
Print Save Boolean
PrintResolution SaveResolution Number (pixels)
PrintEffects String
PrintTemplate SaveTemplate String