In case you would like to retrieve some information about images stored on the FSI Server like dimensions, size or color profile for external use, this tutorial shows you which information you can request and how it is done.

Normal Image Request

For this example, we use the following image to explain how Info Requests work.

The normal request for this image looks like this:

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Simple Info Request

In order to retrieve simple information like image path, dimensions, last modified date, etc. in JSON format, you can use the normal info request type=info&tpl=info.json. In order to use it, you need to switch?type=image in the image request with ?type=info&tpl=info.json:

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The reply to this request contains the following information:

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Advanced Info Request

It is also possible to retrieve more advanced information with the request ?type=info&tpl=interface_metadata.json. This request retrieves the data which is displayed in the Metadata tab of your Web Interface in JSON. This is a Web Interface request, that means it is only possible to request this info if you are authenticated while being logged into your FSI Server Web Interface.

A request for the info list looks like this:

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This request also contains advanced information, including IPTC and EXIF data.

Please note: the request only contains information which is stored in the metadata, that means if no EXIF data is included, it will not be listed in the info request.

An example how such a request could look like (shortened example):

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