In some environments it is required to move FSI Server to a new hardware platform for different reasons. To prevent the entire source images being re-imported, which can take quite some time when large image pools are used, you can follow these steps to quickly switch up an existing FSI Server installation to a new hardware platform.

Set up FSI Server

Install FSI Server on the new hardware as usual.

Copy configuration files

Copy the WEB_INF/config folder to new machine. This assumes the new server hardware will use the same config settings as the old one.

Copy importer profiles

Copy the WEB_INF/importer_profiles folder to new machine. This assumes the new server have the same image pool and structure.

Copy server_profiles and templates profiles

If you made any changes to the server_profiles or info/list templates on your FSI Server please copy these over as well.

Finally copy the image storage

Now copy the image storage to the new machine. It is located in WEB-INF/storage.

Please note:If the Domain or IP of the new server is different to the Domain or IP in the license file, you will need a new license file.