To obtain the image width and height from FSI Server you need to request the
“fsi/info.xml” template. The request has the following scheme:[IMAGE]&type=info&tpl=info

If you replace the [IMAGE] with an existing imagepath on FSI Server, e.g. “samples/Watch.jpg”
you will receive the XML file with the image properties as follows:

<fsi:FSI xmlns:fsi="">
<Width value="2485"/>
<Height value="2485"/>

Depending on the image source, additional information may be included, e.g. the IPTC or EXIF data. Other information can be retrieved by changing the template info to another one.
Available templates are located in the WEB-INF/templates/info folder of your FSI Server installation. E.g. to retrieve the IPTC info of a given image, use the details_json or details_xml template.