RELEASE: FSI Server 2018


  • Tomcat 8.0 or 8.5 required (Servlet Spec 3.0 and 3.1)
  • Oracle Java SE Runtime Environment 8
  • 4 Threads (512 MB per Thread)
  • 4GB RAM


  • Deliver 404 http status codes with changeable image content
  • Connectors
    • Add Option <FallbackImage> to defined connector specific 404 image
    • Add <ImportEffects> node for import effects (e.g. trim())
    • Add <Scanner> node to disable import scanner
  • better CORS header support, no additional CORS Filter implemention required (web.xml or e.g. nginx)
  • Windows Server 2012 Support for WAR files
  • better Docker integration
  • added image request headers (x-dim) with origin image dimension and resolution levels
  • ssi parameter “dpi” for the new jpeg encoder
  • ssi parameter “padding” to add border gaps


  • Servlet Spec 3.1 Async Support
  • Servlet Layout completely changed
    • removed all non-code content from WEB-INF
    • added all public content to directory “web”
  • sourcemanager.xml
    • removed option <ImportStrategy>
    • removed option <ParallelRead>
    • removed option <ParallelWrite>
    • removed option <ParallelReadWrite>
    • removed option <Protected_dirs>
    • removed option <PingService>
  • Fixed many wrong color issues
  • Add DCI-P3 color space support (e.g. for Apple iPhone images)
  • FSI Server Web Interface
    • High-DPI support
    • Improved Licence Tab (better online validation and licence replacements)
    • Upload whole directories with drag & drop
    • changed colors and fonts to dark grey
    • fixed various small bugs
    • fixed meta data editing
  • disable response cache by default
  • fixed storage collision issue
  • fixed various issues with REST implementation and servlet spec 3.1


  • Migration Mode (V1001 to V1002 Auto-Migration)
  • Configuration Migrator Servlet
  • Oracle GlassFish Server Support
  • 32Bit JRE Support
  • Windows XP Support
  • FSI Administrator Support