• added: autoElementSpacing – If “true” and all thumbnails fit into view and there is more than one thumbnail, the elementSpacing will be adjusted so that the first thumbnail is left aligned and the last thumbnail is right aligned, with even spacing between the rest of the thumbnails.
  • added: minElementWidth – defines minimum element width for thumbnails.
  • added: minElementSpacing – defines minimum element spacing for thumbnails.
  • changed: alignment: there is now an alternative solution to using CSS to align thumbnails. In order to use the CSS alignment, alignment parameter needs to be set to “false”.
  • changed: effects – If you want to overwite existing effects values, you can now start the effects parameter with “ClearEffects()”

New Callbacks:

  • added: onReplaceLabelTemplate(strTemplateName, strValue, oItem, oInfo)
  • added: onAfterReplaceLabelTemplates(strLabel, oItem)
  • added: onBeforeReplaceLabelTemplates(strLabel, oItem)

APPLIES TO FSI SHOWCASE (Configuration Files):

  • added: you can now define image lists via range:
  • added: you can now add a “thumbLabel” Parameter to your configuration, which can use dynamic templates such as ###thumb.fileName### or ###size###. Read more about Label Templates in the FSI Showcase manual.
  • added: imageListParameterFilterPositive – Defines which parameters in a sub configuration of an image list will pass the filter.
  • added: imageListParameterFilterNegative – Defines which parameters in a sub configuration of an image list will not pass the filter.