This tutorial shows you how you can use FSI QuickZoom or FSI TouchZoom with SEO-optimized URLs.

FSI QuickZoom and FSI TouchZoom recognize images delivered with FSI Server – if the URL is adapted due to SEO optimization, you need to take the following steps.

Image Requests

How a normal FSI Server image request – which is recognized by the viewers – looks like:

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Example for a SEO-optimized URL:

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This parameter specifies an alternative image source attribute if required. If you would like to have the SEO optimized image URL in the “src” attribute (which would lead to FSI QuickZoom not recognizing the image), you can add an alternative image src attribute which contains the FSI Server single source image URL.

Example Code:

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The Seo-optimized URL is set as src, while the original FSI Server image request is set as original-image.

By defining the parameter imgSrcAttributeName to original-image, FSI QuickZoom uses the image request set there as reference.

If this applies to your whole website, you can of course set this globally in the _default.xml or in a configuration XML:

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