• fixed: when urlLoadingAnimation=false, SVG file was attempted to be loaded nevertheless
  • changed: default value of inplacezoom is now “true”
  • added: Parameter ClickZoomInAllMouseModes, if set to false the viewer is prevented to zoom in all mouse modes available, except mouse mode Zoom onClick.
  • added: getMenuButtonPresent(strButtonID); lists active buttons, can be used to remove inactive buttons
  • added: showMenuToolTip(strTip, elSrc, x, y); sets an individual menu button tool tip
  • added: hideMenuToolTip(); hides menu button tool tip
  • added: Callback onAfterRegisterExternalButton(elButton, strButtonID, bButtonPresentInViewer ), can be used to remove inactive buttons

Skins are now handled differently. CSS rules, which define the general appearance and are valid on an overall level, (e.g. the logo container, height of the menubar, etc.) are now defined in the corresponding core CSS files, which can be found in WEBAPPS/fsi/viewer/skins/resources – fsi-core.css and fsi-viewer-core.css.

IMPORTANT: Never change the classes of the core CSS files. If you would like to adapt the CSS rules listed there, please overwrite them in a custom skin file or in the HTML document instead.
If you update your viewer, please keep in mind to also update the skins folder.
If you are already using custom skins, please compare your css files with the altered structure and change everything accordingly in order to ensure compatibility.

Nomenclature of the button icons was simplified. The button IDs are required if you use the menubuttonorder parameter, change the CSS rules for specific buttons or if you use the API functionality.

FSI Viewer now uses the following Button IDs:

  • Reset
  • ZoomOut
  • ZoomIn
  • MouseMode_0
  • MouseMode_1
  • MouseMode_2
  • MaxZoom
  • HotSpots
  • ToggleAutoSpin
  • ToggleFullScreen