FSI Server 2 introduced a new anaglyph image renderer which allows creating real-time stereoscopic images from two plain source images. This is the leading solution for rotating stereoscopic product presentation, together with FSI Viewer 360°, stereoscopic display of images in FSI Viewer creates a stunning 3D impression when watching the object on the screen using anaglyph 3D glasses.

However there are different kind of anyglyph 3D glasses around. This tuorial will demonstrate a quick and easy way to use the advantages of FSI Server’s single source imaging capacities to generate a stereoscopi image that suits your customers 3D glasses on demand.


To request a steroscopic image from FSI Server you need to use the following request:

[IMAGE1] and [IMAGE2] are seperated by a url-encoded ” , ” and can either be an absolute image path for a single image or a folder for 360° stereoscopy animations. The [COLORMODE] has to be url-encoded as well. You should be familiar wit the other options. If not, please refer to the FSI Server manual.

Setting the colormode to match the users glasses

The next step is to offer a dropdown for the visitor to select the colorscheme that matched the available glasses. To achieve this you add the following SELECT form to your website:

if (!empty($_REQUEST['colormode'])) {
      $colormode = $_REQUEST['colormode'];
} else {
      $colormode =  "ff0000%2C00ffff";

<select name="colormode">
<option value="ff0000%2C00ffff" <?php if ($colormode=="ff0000%2C00ffff") echo 'SELECTED'; ?>>Red - Cyan</option>
<option value="ff0000%2c00ff00" <?php if ($colormode=="ff0000%2c00ff00") echo 'SELECTED'; ?>>Red - Green</option>
<option value="ff0000%2C0000ff" <?php if ($colormode=="ff0000%2C0000ff") echo 'SELECTED'; ?>>Red - Blue</option>
<option value="ff00ff%2C00ffff" <?php if ($colormode=="ff00ff%2C00ffff") echo 'SELECTED'; ?>>Magenta - Cyan</option>
<option value="ff00ff%2c00ff00" <?php if ($colormode=="ff00ff%2c00ff00") echo 'SELECTED'; ?>>Magenta - Green</option>

Now we have the option to choose the required colorscheme and the final step is to use the choosen scheme in the image request of FSI Viewer: