Authoring a large amount of hotspots on a large amount of images can be eased with some little script. This tutorial outlines a hotspot authoring interface that can be accessed easily with any browser. This way employes can maintain and modify hotspots on images without accessing the FSI Server directly.
Preparing FSI Viewer
First and foremost we need FSI Viewer with the SelectFrame Plugin enabled and the Callback parameter defined:

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The Callback parameter is the Javascript function name, which FSI Viewer will call each time the frame selected is changed. FSI Viewer will pass the parameters Set, Scene, the Left, Top, Right and Bottom coordinates, the rotation and the current View to the Javascript function named. The function we use in this tutorial sets the value of the textfield with id “viewstring” to the current selected frame, so the numbers for the hotspot can easily be copied to the clipboard:

Source: changeSelection.js
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With some additional scripting, this configuration enables you to author hotspots in your browser without accessing the FSI Server interface.
Hotspot authoring sample

The following archive contains a full working sample PHP script for hotspot authoring. The hotspots defined arestored in a database.

The above script is a simple hotspot authoring script for demonstration purposes. The “clsHotSpots” adds the database functions, the “config.html” dynamically generates the related .xml file. It can be expanded easily if needed.
Please adjust the database connection settings in “” and the FSI Server url in “selectframe.html”.