• ADDED: FSI Pages: downloading double pages as JPEGs (FSI Server only)
  • ADDED: FSI Pages searching: “simplesearch” method for FSI Server (now default)
  • ADDED: FSI Pages searching:
    – Exit full screen mode when displaying the search dialog.
    – Close search dialog when entering full screen mode – Reason: Flash player blocks text input in full screen mode
  • ADDED: plug-in Notepad: flip and zoom in one go for FSI Pages bookmarks (set parameter “FlipAndZoomInOneGo” to “true”)
  • ADDED: FSI Pages: “FullFrontCover” and “FullBackCover” parameters now crop the images to fill the entire cover page in addition to removing page margins and padding
  • ADDED: new “TargetDevice” parameter (mobile/desktop) for all plug-ins
  • FIXED: Plug-in chapters displayed page numbers in combo box in some situations
  • FIXED: Debug window “info” section did not display FSI Pages version
  • FIXED: Plug-in Stickynotes: wrong page numbers when using right to left reading order
  • FIXED: FSI Pages: PageMargin values with trailing”%” now works the same way as without “%”
  • FIXED: FSI Pages: single page zoom with “AutoCropPages” enabled displayed the uncropped image