FSI Pages Converter

Convert your PDFs to interactive catalogs in no time.

With the help of FSI Pages Converter, which comes with your FSI Pages Add-on for free, you can convert your PDF files into FSI Server ready TIFF files. This makes the publication of interactive catalogs easy and convenient and time-consuming image publishing obsolete.

FSI Pages converts your PDFs to interactive catalogues in no time


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  • Powerful features offer all you need to bring your publications to all platforms.

    FSI Pages Converter comes with additional powerful features for the conversion process: it splits double pages into single images, removes crop marks in the PDF file and helps to add links and custom tooltip information from the PDF itself or from external Microsoft Excel™ or CSV files and more. Additionally, you can use our new convenient Hyperlink Editor integrated into the FSI Server web interface to add hyperlinks afterwards. When FSI Pages Converter also indexes your specific descriptive text and thereby enables the full-text search option within FSI Pages Add-on.
    A clear layout which unites all handy features makes using the converter even more easily. An integrated help explains all options in detail when moving the mouse over the option checkboxes or input fields.