FSI Pages mobile

  • Make your online catalogs available anywhere, anytime.

    FSI Pages mobile brings your publications to customers using mobile devices – easy, convenient and fast. Make new and existing issues available on tablet and smartphones with ease, simply while using a WebKit based browser like Apple Safari™ or Google Chrome™.

    The combination with FSI Server makes your publications unbeatably fast: you can remove, add or replace content any time without any delay. Once you modify the content on FSI Server, the users will be presented the modified content. This makes your publishing time extremely short and causes almost no additional effort to extend your publication range to mobile devices.



Create interactive mobile publications – as easy, fast and convenient as never before.

Your customers can access publications within seconds rather than download the entire data in advance while not needing to install an additional app. This makes all your publications easily available, no matter from which device your customers access it.

The support for hyperlinks, product descriptions and e-commerce integration makes your mobile catalogs as interactive as the desktop version, this makes FSI Pages Mobile the perfect addition to FSI Pages.

An intuitive, minimalist interface and several interactive features such as incredible zoom possibilities and libraries containing related issues accessible to the user by a tip of his finger, make mobile publications as interactive and attractive as never before.


  • FSI Pages mobile
  • Benefits at a glance:

    • Extends your publication range to mobile devices
    • Extremely fast publishing
    • Support for hyperlinks, product descriptions and e-commerce integration
    • FSI Server delivers the exact required resolution for different devices dynamically
    • Content changes and updates will be available to all end users immediately
    • Create libraries containing related issues