FSI Pages

Make your online catalogs stand out from the crowd.

There are tons of tools available for presenting online catalogs. The FSI Pages Add-on offers the fastest and easiest way to bring your virtual catalogs to life while providing you vast interactive features. By adding the additional FSI Pages mobile viewer, the publication becomes available on mobile devices as well.

FSI Pages lets you present a collection of images or the pages of a PDF document like a printed booklet with realistic page turning effect, automatically generated page index, additional video functionality and the incredible and fast zoom features of FSI Viewer.

  • How FSI Pages works


  • Present interactive and highly-customizable catalogues with FSI Pages
  • Integrate your online catalog seamlessly into your website.

    The intuitive hyperlink editor of FSI Server makes adding tooltips and hyperlinks easy. This enables you to link directly to your web shop and integrates your online catalog seamlessly into your website. The interface of the brochure can be customized flexibly to fit into your corporate design perfectly.

    Only a single high-resolution source image per page is required, making time-consuming image publishing obsolete. Converting your PDF documents into multiple high-resolution source images can easily be accomplished using software like Adobe® Acrobat® or Adobe® Photoshop®. Additionally, we offer the Java based FSI Pages Converter which ships with FSI Pages. This software is capable of automatically extracting links in PDF documents and converting them into the format required for FSI Pages.

    FSI Server makes publishing easy: you only need to choose an image folder and publish zoomable interactive online booklets. You can even use different booklet sizes and different page layouts without changing a single image.


  • Highly customizable, intuitive and multilingual.

    FSI Pages Add-on provides a large number of possibilities to customize the layout and appearance to perfectly match the design of your website and to add custom functionality. Many aspects like the layout, page numbers and showing and hiding parts of the interface can be modified using parameters. The design of the user interface can be customized with FSI Skins.

    FSI Pages has also been designed for use with different user interface languages. Languages packs can be included at runtime just like FSI plug-ins. Currently, FSI Pages ships with 17 different languages; additional languages are available upon request.

    FSI Pages, FSI Viewer and FSI Server are highly scalable. This allows using them with small amounts of images as well as using the server and viewers in high load environments, like in online shops with thousands of images. This enables you to publish even large catalogs unbeatably fast and easy.

  • Examples of different skins