FSI ThumbBar

Images make the world go round – present multiple images attractively on almost all devices.

FSI ThumbBar allows you to display multiple images on your page using a slideshow display. It enables customers to scroll through your images intuitively.

FSI ThumbBar

Create beautiful and responsive slideshows in no time.

FSI ThumbBar integrates the benefits of zooming in a new, quick and easy way of displaying large image collections on desktop computers and touch enabled devices. The JavaScript based image slideshow with optional full page zoom and FSI TouchZoom support for sharp images at every magnification level offers a perfect solution for presenting hundreds of high-resolution images attractively on every device.

The thumb bar can be seamlessly integrated into your website, enabling your website visitor to get a perfect overview of the image collection within seconds. An optional scroll bar below the images provides quick navigation with large numbers of images. You can choose between various flexible presentation types: whether you would like to present your images with a simple scroll bar, need a vertical image carousel or want to use it as a simple catalog display: due to the endless possibilities of customization, you can adapt FSI ThumbBar to your individual requirements easily.

  • FSI Showcase JS
  • Combine FSI ThumbBar and FSI Viewer for an elegant gallery presentation.

    FSI Showcase combines the benefits of the zoom viewer with an image gallery.

    FSI Viewer and FSI ThumbBar can be combined for presenting a large amount of images in a gallery. FSI ThumbBar is placed below FSI Viewer and can be used for browsing through the images. By clicking on an image, it will be opened in the FSI Viewer where every detail can be explored.

  • Benefits at a glance:

    • Elegant solution for presenting large collections of images
    • Brings slideshow and carousel functions to desktop computers and touch enabled devices
    • Seamless integration into your website
    • Optional full page zoom
    • FSI TouchZoom support
    • Fast and easy publishing
    • Highly customizable
  • FSI ThumbBar with external buttons