FSI TouchZoom

Experience the sharpest responsive image quality for mobile devices.

The mobile web is growing up quickly, and tons of great HTML5 features are already supported on modern mobile devices and browsers. Web developers can use the same set of technologies they know and love to build rich web applications that work across different device types. Viewers which work on mobile and touch enabled devices are a must-have for retailers.

The latest developments in the handheld and tablet market require new techniques for image zooming on mobile devices such as the iPad™. With FSI TouchZoom, a JavaScript based tool, we can now provide a seamless experience on any device, including iPhone™, iPod touch™, and Android™ based tablets and smartphones.

FSI TouchZoom - responsive image


  • A powerful assistance for responsive web design – no blurry images anymore!

    When you pinch-zoom into a website containing single source images provided by FSI Server, the images will be displayed in the resolution matching the current magnification. This enhances the user experience on mobile devices drastically, while also ensuring fast page load since only the part of the image that is required is loaded.
    FSI TouchZoom brings substantial benefits for online retailers, wanting to reach their customers at home or on the go, that no other model can – in simplicity, cost, security, flexibility, mobility and with the pace of innovation offering a rich and engaging user experience.

    Learn more about the difference between responsive images and FSI TouchZoom.

  • Benefits at a glance:

    • Responsive image zoom for touch enabled devices
    • Experience outstanding razor-sharp images – even on the go
    • Vital addition to your mobile web presentation
    • Seamless integration
    • Apply over 30 different image effects on the fly
    • Incedibly fast publishing
    • Perfect for responsive webdesign