FSI Viewer Flash

Share and explore incredible details of high-resolution product images in an instant.

FSI Viewer is a web-based viewer for image zoom based on high-resolution source images. It enables your website visitors to zoom into every detail of an image or to view products from different angles really fast, making your product presentation more vivid and compelling.

FSI Viewer is based on Adobe® Flash® Player on the client-side and accesses image data provided by FSI Server. FSI Server provides scaled and compressed image data on-demand based on high-resolution source images while using low bandwidth.

Displaying 360° product spins works exactly like single image zoom – only with the additional option of spinning the object. You can zoom into all details from all angles and the required image data will be streamed on demand while ensuring fast page load even on mobile devices.

How FSI Viewer works



  • Intuitive, customizable, flexible and multilingual.

    The clear layout of the interface elements makes the usage self-explaining and intuitive. It is highly customizable via XML-configuration files or HTML parameters. Custom skins are also available, this makes it easy to incorporate the viewer into the individual website design.

    FSI Viewer has been designed for use with different user interface languages. Languages packs can be included at runtime just like FSI plug-ins. Currently, FSI Viewer ships with 17 different languages; additional languages are available upon request.

    FSI Viewer and FSI Server are highly scalable. This allows using FSI Viewer with small amounts of images as well as using FSI Viewer in high load environments, like in online shops with thousands of images.

  • FSI Viewer with different highly-customizable skins