• Smooth zoom on almost all devices

    The FSI Viewer family consists of different image viewing tools for different purposes. With FSI Server 2016, we are introducing new viewers providing image zoom technologies based on JavaScript for cross-platform image delivery.
    The popular and established FSI Viewer Flash, its Add-ons FSI Pages and FSI Showcase are using Adobe Flash™ for desktop computers.

    All our FSI Viewer products make use of the single source imaging capabilities of FSI Server, the basis of all our products.

JavaScript Viewers

  • FSI Viewer JS

    JavaScript viewer offering zoom and pan as well as 360° object spin on any device.
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  • FSI Touchzoom

    Intuitive zooming and panning for touch enabled devices.
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  • FSI ImageFlow

    JavaScript based image carousel for displaying large image collections.
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  • FSI QuickZoom

    Adds zoom to images on desktop devices on mouseover.
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  • FSI Pages JS

    JavaScript based solution for outstanding catalogs on any device.
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  • FSI Pages mobile

    Interactive E-Catalogue solution for mobile devices.
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Flash Viewers

  • FSI Viewer Flash

    Flash™ based zooming and panning for images & 360° object spins.
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  • FSI Showcase

    Add-on for FSI Viewer to present multiple images attractively.
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  • FSI Pages

    Add-on for FSI Viewer to present interactive e-catalogues.
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