• New: Support for delivering image in original size in standard renderer
  • New: Java 7 GC1 compatibility
  • New: Added support for MySQL Database Plug-in
  • New: Added and benchmark_threads.bat to easily check machine scaling
  • New: Added IPv6 support to licence evaluation
  • New: query support in info templates
  • New: JSONP (callback) support in info json templates
  • Normal: Increased number of evaluated Exif tags
  • Normal: various changes in FSI Server benchmark for e.g. Java 7 compatibility – results (passes) changed – benchmark calibrated
  • Minor: Small Bugfix in Plug-in-Loader
  • Minor: Fixed bug with incorrect changes detection in templates, settings and profile directories
  • Minor: Fixed and benchmark.bat to run directly from benchmark directory – removed H2 dependency
  • Minor: Updated Axis2 to 1.5.5
  • Minor: Updated Jersey to version 1.8
  • Minor: Updated Jettison to version 1.3
  • Minor: Updated H2 to version 1.3.158 
  • Minor: Updated Lucene to version 3.3.0


  • Security: Update Freemarker to version 2.3.18
  • Major: Fix UTF-8 directory list problems


  • New: Added support for Mac CS5 JPEG images with ICC
  • New: Added support for premultiplied alpha channels
  • Major: Massive speed improvements for large (file swapped) images
  • Major: Fix hanging importer in 32bit environments with large images
  • Major: Added support for V4 ICC profiles and some unsupported V2 profiles
  • Major: Fixed VM crash when cancelling import of large images
  • Major: Fix problems with oversized IPTC fields
  • Normal: Fixed stuck importer when search database crashes
  • Normal: support more 16bit and 32bit TIFF image format
  • Normal: support orientation TIFF tag outside EXIF meta data
  • Normal: Fix various problems with indexed color images
  • Normal: New H2 database version
  • Normal: Fix bug with TIFF images > 2GB
  • Normal: Fix fast queue import pipeline
  • Minor: Fixed small bug in Exif extraction from Tiff files 
  • Minor: Fixed reading bitmap (monochrome) images
  • Minor: Fixed a problem with BMP reader

JS Interface:

  • New: import date now displayed in image details tab
  • Major: fixed upload problems with multiple file selections and Safari 5.1
  • Minor: Decreased loading time again
  • Minor: small fixes

FSI Viewer:

  • New: FSI Viewer 5.6.4
  • New: FSI Pages mobile 1.0.7


  • Minor: Windows Bundle: JRE 1.6.0_26
  • Minor: Fix some unsigned executables